Rollentriebketten 1


Das Lager chains are produced with superior technology and designed especially to provide high precision and efficiency during power transmissions. Product range of Das Lager Germany Chains is not only able to satisfy all the application requirements but also provides cost - effective solutions.

  • Exceptional quality
  • High load capacity
  • Great elongation strength
  • Long running life
  • Affordable prices

Chain Structure

Plate: Plates are produced, from reinforced steel to increase the tensile strength. The specific heat treatment ensures the needed tensile strength.
Bearing pin: Bearing pins are produced from case hardened steel to increase abrasion resistance on the surface and to have high strength under the high pressure and changing load conditions.
Bush: Bushes are exposed to high pressure and variating loads. Hardened steel is used to decrease the possibility of surface abrasion.
Roller: Great impact is imposed upon rollers during the chain is running. To increase the sustainability of load and impact capacity rollers are produced from reinforced alloy steel.

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